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Prof. Roman R. Poznanski
Roman R. Poznanski founded the Journal of Integrative Neuroscience in 2002. Internationally renowned theoretical neuroscientist, with progressive advancement in this direction he co-authored the first book on mathematical neuroscience. Dr. Poznanski is a leading authority on mathematical modeling in the neurosciences and in particular, the field of integrative neuroscience through integrative approaches to modeling. He was first to point out that integrative neuroscience sculptures a theoretical neuroscience with a mathematical neuroscience that is different from computational neuroscience. Dr Poznanski is currently the Director of the Brain Explorative Strong-AI Technology Center at University Sultan Zainal Abidin and also a visiting professor of the Rockefeller University, New York.

JIN seeks editors

Aims and scope The Journal of Integrative Neuroscience is a transdisciplinary journal devoted to the publication of leading-edge research at the interface of theoretical and experimental neuroscience, with a focus on integrating neuroscience across hierarchical levels. The scope of the Journal encompasses all aspects of hierarchical, functional and informational integration in health, development and disease. The Journal will serve as a unique forum to advance transdisciplinary research through new integrative methodologies and their implementation in software and hardware devices, machines, robots or any other form of synthetic or physical actuation.  The Journal welcomes original research articles of outstanding quality. In addition, the Journal publishes topical reviews in emerging areas of integrative neuroscience that will be of interest to non-specialists.
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